EUROMOVERS International, with its head office in Luxembourg, comprises a group of leading international moving companies. This capable network comprises more than 70 experienced and reliable moving companies, located in Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom, and beyond the European Union in the United States, Australia, the Russian Federation, China and numerous other countries.

The Group provides a full range of moving activities and ancillary services such as domestic and international household goods moving, project moving, short- and long-term storage, facility and logistic services, special transport and specialized crating of high value items.

One of the organization’s major strengths is the successful and friendly cooperation found in the mutual partnership, the Linehaul traffic, service centers, and the centralized access into the network of Partners providing mobility services.

» In varietate concordia «

(United in diversity) is the official motto of the European Union. It encapsulates the spirit of the people of the EU working together for peace and prosperity, their many different cultures, traditions and languages combining to the benefit of all.

The motto was first coined in 2000, the same year in which the “EUROMOVERS” brand was launched to the public. EUROMOVERS sprang from like-minded European movers who wished to cooperate with others whose standards, vision and direction would be enhanced by coming together under the same banner.

The network became a reality!

» Let’s move together «

is the official motto of EUROMOVERS. It stands for Citizens of the World, for People, Families, Children, Clients, Partners, and Friends, all with their own different cultures, traditions and languages. People form both the focus of our work and our best asset – making them part of the family will increase our strength and enhance our business.

Unity brings strength; with strength comes success.

Talk to us and find out how.

Our Vision

Moving is not just a change of residence, but often signifies the start of a new chapter in people’s lives, frequently linked to new professional goals and challenges. A well handled relocation is the first step to successful integration into the new environment.

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The Head Office of EUROMOVERS International S.A., maintains an Integrated Management System which

  • contains the Quality Management, certified by ISO 9001
  • the Environmental Management, certified by ISO 14001
  • the Information Security Management, certified by ISO 27001
In accordance with the EUROMOVERS International Integrated Management System, every associated Partner of the EUROMOVERS Network, underlays periodic audits and reviews to safeguard their compliance to established qualification standards.