New e-TOLL system for Poland

A new e-TOLL system for Poland has been announced by DKV Mobility. Hauliers can now register via DKV Mobility for settlement of the new electronic toll, which is due to begin operating officially on 1 October. DKV Mobility customers have two options: they can obtain an on-board unit that can be used nationally in Poland, while customers who already use the DKV BOX EUROPE can conveniently add the new service and have it activated on their toll box.

Jérôme Lejeune, Managing Director Toll at DKV Mobility said, “We are proud that we can now offer each of our customers an accurate toll solution in Poland. This means we have reached another important milestone and can offer our customers further added value for their journeys through Poland.”

DKV Mobility offers toll services for trucks and cars in over 30 countries.

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