EUROMOVERS member Travelcargo achieves FIDI membership

On 31 August, 2021 the FIDI Global Alliance awarded the FAIM PLUS Certification to EUROMOVERS member Travelcargo International Removals based in Finland in recognition of full compliance with the stringent FAIM Standard requirements. The company achieved the standard without any non-compliances.

Thomas Juchum, from EUROMOVERS commented: “After initial grassroots support, Travelcargo developed its Quality Management System (QMS) itself and has since passed every audit on the first try. Travelcargo is a participant in the EUROMOVERS Int. certification project for members.”

Travelcargo International Removals was founded in 2005 and is located by the Helsinki International Airport. CEO Mattias Sjöberg said that joining FIDI is probably a big dream for many small or mid-sized moving companies, but the process itself might feel overwhelming. “That’s how it was for us at first.”

“It was during an IAM Annual Meeting in Washington DC in 2018 that our COO and my wife Loli Villagran attended an introductory workshop on requirements for joining FIDI,” he explained. “She told me afterwards that it seemed to be ‘relatively easy’ and that it would just require a ‘few adjustments’ for us. My thoughts at the time was that she might have a had a few cocktails too many, but looking into it more, I had to admit she was right.”

He added: “For a company striving to constantly improve, the fundamentals are already in place. In the end it’s about finetuning rather than creating something new from scratch. We passed the FAIM audit this year with zero non-compliances. Joining FIDI was a natural process for us. We had obtained our ISO 9001 certification in 2017 and we started to reach more corporate clients. Some potential clients however, required FAIM accreditation as part of their purchasing process. We wanted also to build stronger bonds to other quality-focused moving companies, offering in turn our clients, the same level of quality at both origin and destination. FIDI was the obvious choice, upholding the toughest standards within the moving industry.”

Mattias said that he hoped FIDI membership would lead to further growth for the company. “We will continue to focus on new corporate businesses, but also to continue learning and developing. The pandemic years have been tough on the industry, but we are actually coming out stronger than before, both in terms of growth and quality. This is something we don’t take for granted and something to be grateful for at times like these.”

Photo: CEO Mattias Sjöberg.

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