US Ports to impose charges to help clear backlog from 15 Nov

On 28 October, 2021 officials with the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach proposed that they intend to impose apparently punitive charges on shippers for cargo that is not cleared from the terminals.
The charges will begin from the 9th day a full container has been awaiting collection from the terminal by truck (from the 6th day if it is to be collected by rail). Day one will incur a charge of $100, day two will be $200, day three will be $300, etc. The charges will accumulate until the container is removed from the terminal. If accepted, the new charges will apply from 15 November, 2021.
The charges are not expected to have the desired effect as the blockage is caused by the lack of trucks and drivers to move the containers, not because the shippers are delaying unnecessarily.

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