EUROMOVERS director takes on Panda Raid

EUROMOVERS is sponsoring two cars in the Panda Raid, a rally across the Moroccan desert in old Fiat Pandas that is taking place now and ending on Saturday, 29 October.  Peter Lauret, a member of the EUROMOVERS board, is on one of the teams.

Panda Raid is an amateur 3,000km racing rally from Madrid to Marrakesh, in 4×4 Fiat panda cars. Over 300 teams take part but the goal is not necessarily to win, but to complete the course.  The organisers say  the teams “defy the supreme law of common sense” when they take part.  The say the stages test the physical and mental capacities of the teams as well as the engineering.  The route is mainly tracks and sand areas with 360° desert. No technology is allowed.  Teams rely entirely on the compass, a map book and their own intuition to find the way.

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