Roldo Rent and Varodarent join forces

Roldo Rent and Varodarent have reached an agreement to join forces for the future, with Varodarent to be acquired by Roldo Rent. Both companies are active in the rental market of (durable) moving materials. Merging the two companies will lead to a strong expansion of the logistics network and rental pool, this way the combined company can grow faster and serve its customers better.

“The addition of Varodarent to Rotom will strengthen the portfolio as a full-service provider and rental company in the field of customer-specific load carriers. Through this way we can offer Varodarent’s relations a broader package of logistic resources and not only in NL, but also in several European countries,” says Arjan Kuiper (CEO Rotom Europe) and Gerard Geijtenbeek (Director Roldo Rent).

Patrick van Rooijen, Director Varodarent, says: “On behalf of Varodarent, I am very pleased with the cooperation with Roldo Rent. There is a nice synergy of activities between our companies that strengthens the position and allows us to expand product development and IT services to the market.”

Roldo Rent is part of the Rotom Group, Rotom facilitates companies with logistics resources for transport and storage in 10 countries in Europe. This addition creates an even stronger rental branch that serves the European market through 26 of its own branches. Rotom is able to manage the entire logistics of load carriers in the customer’s supply chain, from the production site to end-of-chain collection, with a single point of contact supported by a dense network of European locations.

Rotom Europe’s ambition is to grow into the European market leader in sustainable load carriers and services around load carriers, including rental, repair, maintenance and circular solutions. Group sales are expected to exceed €220 MLN by 2022. The Rotom Group employs more than 500 people, 200 of whom work in the Netherlands.

Photo: Gerard Geijtenbeek

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