Invictus plays football for the children

Invictus Relocation in Portugal has recently helped organise and take part in a charity football match to help improve the lives of children.

Recognizing the significance of promoting sportsmanship, physical activity, and community engagement among young children, a coalition of businesses from various sectors in the community, including Invictus, stepped forward to support the event. These companies demonstrated their commitment to fostering a sense of unity and empowerment by providing essential resources and expertise.

Fábio Manuel, CEO and founder of Invictus, and a first-class footballer himself, put the event into perspective. “As part of our ongoing social work, we are involved in many individual events. To us it’s very important that we do our part for our community and help others in need. This time we were invited to participate in this match where many former superstars, local celebrities were present.”

The match was held and Sporting Clube de Portugal Stadium and it was a memorable day for everyone and especially the children. Fabio played in the match too.

The match raised over €25,000 which was donated directly to the Portuguese red cross. The match was held in a fun atmosphere in which the real winners were the kids.

Fabio explained that in a world often characterized by fierce competition and individualism, instances of solidarity and collaboration deserve recognition. This extraordinary event not only showcased the power of unity but also highlighted the positive impact such endeavors can have on our society. He added that organizing a children’s football match requires substantial resources, including suitable playing fields, equipment, refreshments, and logistical support. In many cases, community-based organizations or schools struggle to meet these requirements on their own. However, this particular match presented a unique opportunity for local businesses to come together and make a difference. “Through our contributions of resources, expertise, and mentorship, it’s our objective to showcase the potential for businesses to go beyond their bottom line and make a tangible difference in the lives of children,“ he said.

Photos:  Fábio Manuel, with former Barcelona player, Ricardo Quaresma.

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