New electric range from Scania

Scania has updated its urban battery electric truck range and added a new combined electric motor and gearbox (the EM C1-4) to its line-up.

The battery electric urban truck range, originally launched in 2021, has been given a major update in line with Scania’s regional battery electric line-up. They will now be fitted with an e-adapted chassis, new auxiliary systems, and batteries utilising Northvolt’s sustainably produced cells.

The EM C1-4 is a single permanent magnet motor paired to a four-speed gearbox and is expected to become Scania’s most popular powertrain option. It’s available in five different power outputs: 270, 300, 330, 360 and 400kW.

Scania’s Northvolt battery packs are assembled at Scania’s new battery assembly facility in Södertälje. Unlike other battery packs, Scania’s batteries can be charged repeatedly up to 100% of their state of charge (SOC) window without any impact on their lifespan. This is thanks to a straight charging curve, which means that they charge with the same speed when almost full as when they are to empty. A straight charging curve gives

predictable charging times and the long battery life ensures total cost of ownership remains low.

The battery manufacturing facilities are powered by 100% fossil-free electricity generated by hydro and wind power. Scania says this gives an estimated carbon footprint of approximately one-third of a traditionally manufactured cell.

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