4 Ways to use SEO to beat your competitors

In the fast-paced world of digital marketing, establishing a robust online presence for your moving company is no longer optional; it’s essential. Whether you’re a local moving company or a large van line, the way you navigate the digital landscape can significantly impact your success.

Below is a list of four ways to use search engine optimization (SEO) to grow your business. They are taken from a webinar hosted by virtual estimates technology provider LiveSwitch in partnership with Travis Weathers, CEO and founder of Rotate Digital.

  1. Use the power of local SEO and your Google Business profile

In the world of SEO, prioritising local presence is crucial for moving companies. Being optimised for local searches ensures that your business appears when customers in your service area search for moving services. This is your opportunity to capture the attention of those ready to convert.

The cornerstone of local SEO is your Google Business profile. Optimising this profile ensures your moving company appears in Google Maps and local search results. This is a vital step for attracting local customers who rely heavily on online information.

Consider this strategy employed by larger moving companies: create multiple Google Business profiles for different office locations. This approach allows you to effectively target specific localities, even competing against industry giants online.

You can even track phone calls originating from your Google Business profile for insight into who is finding you there. If you turn this feature on, Google assigns a tracking number to your profile, allowing them to monitor call volumes.

  • Create an optimized and fast-loading website

A well-designed website is your virtual storefront. Ensuring your website is responsive, easy to navigate, and houses compelling content is vital. Engaging content, clear calls-to-action, and a user-friendly interface create a seamless experience that can entice potential clients to choose your services.

A website’s loading speed also significantly impacts user experience. Slow-loading sites lead to higher bounce rates, negatively affecting both user experience and search engine rankings. Prioritizing a fast-loading website not only enhances user satisfaction but also bolsters your SEO efforts.

  • Enhance your customer experience and communication

Simplifying the quoting process is another essential aspect of winning customers online. Incorporate chat and video features on your website to not only improve your customers’ experience but also to provide an opportunity for more engagement. A straightforward quote request form streamlines communication and facilitates conversions, ultimately benefiting both your business and your SEO efforts.

  • Don’t forget to ask for reviews, photos, and referrals

After a successful job, focus on garnering customer reviews, photos, and referrals. A multi-touch follow-up process using phone, e-mail, and text can encourage customers to leave reviews. Sharing job photos on your Google Business profile and other platforms serves as social proof of the quality of your services while actively seeking referrals from satisfied customers can drive business growth.

Enhancing your online presence with authentic visuals is invaluable. Consider also incentivising your movers to capture quality photos during jobs. By offering extra compensation for usable photos, you encourage your team to create valuable content that resonates with potential clients.

By expanding your digital presence through reviews, images and multiple business profiles, creating a better customer experience, and leveraging local SEO, you’ll establish a strong foothold in the online space and beat your competitors.

Watch the full webinar for more tips on growing your moving business through SEO: How to Use SEO to Beat Your Competitors.

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