Invictus in Portugal joins OMNI

Euromovers member Invictus Relocation in Portugal has recently also joined OMNI (Overseas Moving Network International). 

Invictus was started by Fábio Manuel in 2013 and has been a member of Euromovers for many years.

“Joining OMNI was a very nice way to put a crown on our 10-year anniversary,” said Fábio. Adding that ever since he started the company he wanted it to be part of recognised groups and was delighted to receive an invitation to join OMNI.  The company became a member on 14 December, 2023.

Agustin de Escalada, who handles business development for Invictus confirmed, however, that over the last 10 years, Invictus had been working with many of the OMNI companies anyway. “So it’s a natural consequence of the work that we’re doing.” 

“By joining OMNI we aim to present our image as more than just a small family company,” added Fábio.  “We have grown now and, we believe, deserve to be recognised as a company to be trusted, one that OMNI agents can work with in confidence.”

Fábio is immensely proud of the company he has created and sees it now entering a new phase of its development. He said that it’s easy for companies to buy a bigger warehouse or a new van.  That’s not the point. “We want our customers and agents to have a good experience with us, so they want to work with us again and again.”

He does that, in part at least, through a principle of openness and transparency.  “For example, we have a lot of business to the islands [Madera and the Azores].  Customers often have many demands, but they must understand that living on an island is not the same.  We explain clearly what we can do and what is not possible.  We manage their expectations.  We believe that’s the right way to do business, the professional way.”

Photo: Fábio Manuel.

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