Atlas expands use of Yembo for AI-enhanced surveys

Atlas Van Lines, in the USA has announced a further strategic collaboration with, a top SaaS technology innovator in the moving sector. After first engaging with Yembo’s software in 2022, Atlas will redefine how it conducts surveys and provides estimates by significantly improving accuracy, efficiency, and customer satisfaction in service delivery. Yembo’s advanced AI Workflow Companion will serve as the exclusive virtual survey and estimating platform for Atlas Van Lines throughout the United States and Canada.

With Yembo, Atlas Van Lines will be able to deploy an AI-enhanced survey tool across its service offerings to provide customers with immediate and meticulous moving estimates. Whether through self-service options, virtual consultations, or in-person surveys, the tool employs AI to analyse video footage of clients’ belongings to ensure precise volume and item detail assessments.

“We are honoured to join forces with Atlas, a name synonymous with trust and excellence in the moving and relocation field,” said Sid Mohan, co-founder and CEO of Yembo. “AI technology is set to revolutionise industries in the coming decade, and we are committed to pioneering AI-driven solutions specifically for moving companies. Our partnership with Atlas aims to fulfil its strategic goals and elevate customer experiences to new heights.”

Key advantages of Yembo’s AI survey tools ensure Atlas’ service delivery leads to even more accurate, quicker, and smoother estimations, response times, and interactions with Atlas Agents at every touchpoint. Yembo provides standardised, yet flexible, platforms that simplify operations, reduce complexity, increase automation, and enable a sharper focus on meeting and exceeding customers’ needs.

“Yembo’s technology aligns with our vision of surpassing expectations of every Atlas customer and setting new industry benchmarks for excellence and innovation,” said Ryan McConnell, President and COO of Atlas Van Lines. “We look forward to taking this leap towards ever more transparent, efficient, and customer-friendly moving processes.”

Photo: Ryan McConnell

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