Cartus publishes Global Talent Mobility Survey 2024

The Cartus Corporation has released its Global Talent Mobility Survey 2024. Subtitled ‘The great balancing act: optimizing the employee experience while controlling costs’, the report delves into key aspects of corporate mobility programmes with international (cross-border) move volume, exploring critical areas such as talent management strategy; employee experience; flexible mobility; diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI); and cost management.

The survey encapsulates perspectives from 138 respondents across diverse sectors such as construction, consumer goods, education, energy/oil and gas, gaming, finance, insurance, pharma, manufacturing, recruitment, retail, tech, and service. Two-thirds of respondents are from in-house global mobility/relocation functions, with an additional 20% from HR/people/talent-based roles.

2024 relo trends
Cartus’ report underscores the delicate balance between providing a positive experience for relocating families and the imperative to reduce mobility costs. The research also highlights increasing pressure on HR and mobility professionals to strike a balance between the human touch and rapid technological advancement.

“Our Global Talent Mobility Survey demonstrates Cartus’ commitment to pioneering thought leadership, offering invaluable benchmarking insights and recommendations from our Cartus experts,” explained Matt Tebbe, Cartus President and CEO. “The report equips HR and mobility professionals with the necessary tools to navigate the rapidly evolving realm of talent mobility.”

To download the full report, click on this link.  

Photo: Cartus Global Talent Mobility Survey.

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