EUROMOVERS clarifies identity confusion in Dubai

EUROMOVERS International S.A., the global network of professional
moving companies with its head office in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, would like to advise
the moving industry that it has no connection with another organisation that trades under the
name of Euromovers in Dubai.

The company in Dubai, Euro Fastline Movers, brands itself Euromovers and claims to have 10
years’ experience in the industry. Thomas Juchum, General Manager of EUROMOVERS in
Luxembourg, said that the people behind the company appear to be those who previously
operated a company Euro Movers International LLC Dubai that also used the Euromovers

In January last year Thomas reported that his organisation had received e-mails from this
company’s customers complaining about its service. The problem is now continuing with this
new entity in Dubai. “Just as before, some people assume that this organisation is a subsidiary
or a member of our network,” said Thomas. “It has absolutely nothing to do with us. The
company name might be similar, but it is a different organisation. Even their company logo is

EUROMOVERS International S.A. in Luxembourg serves as the headquarters for an organisation
of medium-sized, family-owned moving companies in Europe and overseas. “We have our own
agents available in the UAE and other countries of the Middle East,” said Thomas. “Euro
Fastline Movers, just like its predecessor, never has, nor will ever be connected with our
international service network.”

Thomas said that he was unable to help customers or moving companies resolve disputes with
the organisation in Dubai. He suggested that customers should
contact: or

Customers looking for moving services to or from the UAE are invited to contact the
EUROMOVERS headquarters by e-mail: or search for a network partner

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