Caution with the URL

It came to our attention that somebody abuses our name, registered trademark, along with the
names, reputation and addresses of several members in the Netherlands.

With a fake website, and under the a. m. internet address, these persons try to sell cars to private
customers. It is possible, that these persons have registered further domains for their purposes.

They promise to deliver a car, once the price is paid. Several times customers fell into that trap,
but the car will obviously be never delivered.

A private person in Spain contacted us recently, asking us for a date when the car will be delivered
eventually. She reported she has purchased a Toyota and paid a price of € 5.000.

The car would have supposed to be shipped from Austria to Spain. Then, the fake person informed
that there are problems “at customs” in France. A very weak explanation.

We have suggested the aggrieved Person to contact the local Police.

The Who-Is database shows that the owner of the URL is registered in Spain. It might be right, or
wrong. EUROMOVERS International has taken all necessary steps to report fraud and phishing
cases regarding this matter to the pertaining authorities in the internet.

If any reader is interested to buy a car, please be strongly informed that EUROMOVERS, EUROMOVERS International and all members, which belong to the EUROMOVERS International
Service network, ARE NO CAR DEALERS.

We are household goods removers and we are no car selling companies.


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