Euromovers virtual meeting success

On Friday 2nd October, Euromovers held its virtual meeting, which was a bit like a mini conference, with around 40 members taking part. This was the first time that the group had tried a meeting on this scale in a virtual setting. It was a great success.

The meeting, which was held using Google Meet, was moderated by Steve Jordan, Editor of The Mover.  The programme followed the agenda traditionally followed at Euromovers conferences with a report by Euromovers Chairman Denis Zonneveld followed by an update from the General Manager Thomas Juchum (pictured).  Thomas’ presentation, as always, included the announcement of the Members’ Evaluation league table.  Euromovers in the world’s only association that asks its members to assess each other in terms of the quality of administration, operations and financial responsibility.  This year it was Gebr. Roggendorf from Germany that took top position in all three categories worldwide; AW Transportation in Florida took the lead for companies outside Europe in the administration category with Fukuoka Soko from Japan winning both the remaining categories.  International Sea and Air in New York was the Euromovers top booker.  Also featuring very highly in the awards were Travelcargo in Finland, ISS in Dubai and Palmers in Australia.

Steve Jordan hosted a panel discussion on the effects on business of Covid-19 featuring Fabio de Medeiros from Invictus in Portugal, Diego Castihas from Global Packing in Brazil, Sebastien Flament from Bailly in France and Walt Peniuk from Premier in Canada.  Despite the limitations of the virtual format this was an active and inclusive discussion which gave members an insight into how other businesses had been affected and provided some ideas on the ways companies intended to learn from their experiences and be better prepared for any resurgence of the virus in the future.

The panel discussion intentionally morphed into a more general discussion about how the industry is changing and will change more in the future and explored some new areas of business that might be open to moving companies that would enable them to use the resources they already have, profitably.

Abhilash Nair, from ISS in Dubai, presented an explanation of the new IAM Trusted accreditation.  Abhilash was the first worldwide to obtain this personal educational assessment and he encouraged others to take part.

The meeting concluded with a presentation from Andreas Pfeifer from HVD insurance brokers in Hamburg. Once again it was Covid-19 that was the main focus of the presentation with Andreas explaining to insurance implications of the crisis. Discussions with the Euromovers Board after the event confirmed its success and the intention to hold similar mini conferences in the future.  Euromovers is still planning to have a full, traditional-style conference in Lisbon in May 2021, should travel restrictions and health considerations allow.

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