Dear EUROMOVERS Family, Friends and Customers,

We are receiving emails from time to time, where customers are complaining about the services provided by “Euromovers” in Dubai, U.A.E. We are very concerned about this matter, since many persons confuse this company with our service network and believe it is a subsidiary or a member of our service network.

If done on purpose or not, the company obviously makes use of the similarity of our company names and they have even secured a “similar” domain as ours. They haven’t made any efforts to create it a bit more different.

The company is called “Euro Movers LLC” and they are obviously based in Dubai, U.A.E.
The company name might be similar, but it is different. Even their company logo is different.
This company is absolutely separate and has absolutely nothing to do with us.

Thomas Juchum

Thomas Juchum

Our company, EUROMOVERS International S.A. is located in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and we serve as the headquarters of the EUROMOVERS International Service Network, an organization of medium sized, family owned moving companies in Europe and Overseas. We have own agents available in Dubai, the U.A.E. and in other countries of the Middle East. That company mentioned, Euro Movers LLC, and its subsidiaries, never has, nor will ever be connected with our international service network in any case.

Customers, seeking for a moving or relocation solution from/to or in Dubai or any other city in the U.A.E. or the Middle East, are invited to either contact our headquarters in Luxembourg, via email at or search for a network partner via our homepage, at

Unfortunately, we cannot assist concerned Customers to resolve any possible problems with that company “Euro Movers LLC”.

Thanks to one of our local Dubai members, the following information is available which may provide local assistance by the U.A.E. Government:

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  1. Good article – the Euromovers in Dubai appear to have shut up shop and my sister’s stored possessions are missing.

    I’d be grateful if you would publish this comment so people can contact me on if they have any information about the whereabouts of the goods or the company’s officers.

  2. I’d be grateful if you could replace the above comment – we’ve now located all of our possessions and other interested parties can call this number that we were given:

    “Please contact Mr Zeeshan on 055 109 6222.”

    It seems the company moved warehouses .

    1. Dear Julian,

      Would you please send me the new location and contact detail as the mobile you mentioned is not relying and I have all my home furniture with them since 1st of August and can not find them.
      Really appreciate your help, thanks.

  3. Hi Julian , where did you find them ? I have been calling their local numbers as well as the number of mr. Zeeshan. But no response . Do you have any other number of physical address

    1. Hi Julian.
      I am also in trouble. My container is missing and Euro Movers International LLC neither pick the phones not respond emails. I am very upset since I organized a relocation service with them by 22 July from Dubai to Madrid, and as of today I do not have any idea about what my stuff is now.
      Could you give me another alternative warehouse address in Dubai t contact them.
      Your reply is highly appreciated.

      Pascual Ibáñez

  4. Thank you for your help, Julian, but can you specify the warehouse? I am in Greece and my boxes have been unaccounted for for four months now. I’m truly feeling desperate regarding what I can do to locate it. I sent some friends to the location you specified but every place they looked at was locked. Any physical characteristics of the warehouse? Colour, signboards, vicinity to landmarks? Many thanks in advance.

  5. We have just discovered that Euromovers is no longer operating – only 20 July we had our shipment packed etc. by them but there is no contact for them at all. Disgraceful – but so UAE!!! Any help or further information via this webpage would be appreciated.

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