Fox Moving & Storage brings aid to Ukraine

EUROMOVERS member Fox Moving & Storage in Cwmbran, Wales recently played a significant part in helping to relieve the suffering of people fleeing the war in Ukraine. Managing Director Paul Fox, and employee Kevin Watkins drove the company’s newest Road Train, with 1200 boxes of supplies, to the Polish Border. The items had been donated in the UK by local relief organisations. The 1600km journey to Wroclaw, Poland ended at self storage company Less Mess run by Guy Pinsent, who instigated the whole project.

“We arrived very late at night,” said Paul. “The people from the aid charities arrived at 8:00 o’clock following morning. They couldn’t get the aid off our truck and into their smaller vehicles for distribution fast enough. The vehicle was unloaded within three hours. These people then drove it across the border, into Ukraine. They are very courageous.”

Did Paul think the effort had been worthwhile? “I can’t believe that we’ve got war in Europe, with the displacement of 10 million people,” he said. “It’s incredible. Our work might be a drop in the ocean, but I think it’s a significant drop. We have shown that we are standing shoulder to shoulder with the people of Ukraine and are prepared to do something tangible about it.”

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