Historic year for Atlas

Atlas® World Group, says it has achieved another historic year of growth in 2022 due to its ongoing investment in its agent network, its people, and its customers.

“We are beyond proud of the integrity and dedication of all our employees, agents, and subsidiaries this year, who each played a part in exceeding Atlas’ year-over-year earnings,” said Jack Griffin, Chairman and CEO of Atlas World Group. “This is a testimony to the work Atlas has put forth for our customers and communities.  While we anticipate 2023 to be a competitive year, we are eager to continue working toward our strategic vision and support families and businesses to go new places.”

Atlas’ commitment to its network of local moving agents is already clear based on the implementation of its industry-first hauling rebate and digital transformation. While many competitors are raising the fees agents are required to pay, Atlas created a $4 million rollback that significantly reduces fees to ensure its agents are profitable. In 2022, the enterprise also entered a strategic partnership with Yembo, the global leader in artificial intelligence (AI) for virtual home surveys. Yembo’s software enables Atlas Agents to create meaningful operational efficiencies and deliver superior customer experiences with best-in-class technology for local, long distance, corporate, government, and military moves.

“Guided by Atlas’ strategic vision, we are committed to the ongoing development and improvement of our technology, marketing, and service offerings that best serve our Agent network,” said Ryan McConnell, President, and COO of Atlas Van Lines. “Our goal is to ensure that our agents, as entrepreneurs, will continue to invest in the Atlas product moving forward.”

In 2022, Atlas’ agent network welcomed established moving and storage company Worth Moving. Meanwhile, Atlas Logistics® and other subsidiaries of Atlas World Group are thriving because of several strategic acquisitions. This year, Progressive Transportation, Inc., a premier provider of over-the-road pad-wrap transportation, was acquired, further enabling Atlas’ comprehensive transportation management solutions, and driving sustainable financial and operational growth.

“While our industry faces ongoing challenges, including a driver and overall labor shortage, Atlas Logistics is optimistic about its continued growth in 2023,” said Phil Wahl, President and COO, Atlas Logistics. “Looking ahead, we are focusing on efficiency and exceeding the expectations of our customers as we move freight around the country.”

Atlas’ dedication to the growth and development of its workforce and both its local Evansville and industry community will remain steadfast in 2023. Last year alone, Atlas made 154 new hires and multiple promotions across its business units. And collectively in 2022, Atlas employees donated 5,563  volunteer hours while Atlas donated $125,000 to causes important to its employees and the industry, including Save the ChildrenEvansville Rescue Mission, the American Red Cross, and more.

Photo: Jack Griffin

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