Thomas Juchum presents Euromovers in Amsterdam

Euromovers International General Manager Thomas Juchum attended the ReloAdvisor business meeting in Amsterdam from 3-5 February. 

During his presentation he explained the origin of the organisation in 1995 and the formation of Euromovers International in 2004.  He said it started with five founding members and now has 61 members operating in in 37 countries.  

Thomas said the organisation’s main objective is the provision of economic support to its shareholders and to provide active membership benefits. He said that certification and quality-related growth are hugely important with sustainability being crucial.

“It is our aim to provide as much assistance and training as possible,” he said. “Maintaining standards and management systems is a nightmare to many companies.  We take away the headaches from our members. It is our model to let the members to their daily jobs, and let us take the rest.”

Photo:  Thomas Juchum   

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